4 hard drives in Raid 0 - Installing, Benchmarking, Explaining

In this video I show you why I bought four 1TB WD Blue hard drives and placed them in a striped volume under Windows (or better known as a raid 0 configuration).

Update: I added another drive because 4 of these drives were not enough to record 4K 60FPS smoothly. 4K 60FPS uncompressed recording needs at least 700MB/s writing capabilities.

Error at 2:26 : That bitrate was the result of the GTX 1080 which could just not reach 60fps at 3860x2160 and set everything to ultra. I noticed later ingame it went no further than 54 or 55 fps. That explains why the overall bitrate of this video is slightly lower. Now (13-nov-2017) I have a GTX 1080-ti, but I also have another monitor. An Acer Predator 27" which can go up to 165hz at 1440p. The Ti gives me an fps of around 110-120 at this resolution, everything set to ultra. I think if I still had the 4K monitor that it would have reached 80 - 85 fps, but that monitor would not go further than 60 fps. That's the reason I bought a fifth drive to make sure I got enough write speed to record uncompressed. You can compress on the fly, which saves you a lot of diskspace and you also don't need such a fast raid configuration, but encoding on the fly is very demanding on the cpu and can do lots of framedrops during gameplay. So, it's the one or the other. I prefer raw speed so my CPU and GPU can focus all their attention properly displaying the game.
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